4th Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize

It’s that time again! I have submitted ‘The Book of Nothing’ to this years Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize at Banks Street Arts and want to promote  the exhibition and get as many people to visit as possible. This is a great exhibition, laid out in a myriad of rooms all over the gallery, resplendent with sofas so you can sit and leaf through all the entries at your leisure. WHAT?


Yes you read that right, you get to handle each and every one of the books – almost unheard of anywhere else. Well, how else would you be able to judge them? – the main prize is voted by the visitors to the exhibition, making this a very unique event.

I entered a couple of years ago with a Belgian-bound, ceramic covered book called ‘Margaret’s Choice.’ The covers were made from casts of the covers of a Victorian book of stories – the kind written by old men (with extravagant whiskers I suspect) to guide young ladies through the perils of everyday life, largely by avoiding men, staying at home doing embroidery and generally being very subservient to their menfolk. Oh, and lots of prayer. The pages were recycled and added to new pulp to make this new edition more relevant to the 21st century; there are no prayers or moral tales for today’s girls:

The Book of Nothing shares a ceramic cover, but differs in every other respect. It is an accordion format, stub bound, pamphet stitched with printed content describing a number of famous nothings…




The exhibition runs from 5th October until 11th November 2013 at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, England.

Another plug (lifted directly from their website)

Alongside this year’s 4th Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize, taking place at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield throughout October and November, we are showcasing artists’ books in a range of public spaces around the city.

There will be two installations in The Central Library throughout the month of October. Prize winning book artist, Katherine Johnson, from Leeds will create a site specific book and paper installation in the large display case between the Library and Graves Gallery whilst on the ground floor of the Library we will be displaying an exhibition of photographs of artists’ books from our unique collection.

Books from the Collection will also be on show in branch libraries around the city. Look out for these unique displays in Chapeltown, Ecclesfield and Walkley libraries, throughout October and November, where artists’ books will be displayed and can be handled, manipulated and read. There will also be a static display of more sculptural books in Window 7 on Cambridge Street as part of Sheffield Showcase from October 1st to November 10th.

Books will also be on display in selected Sheffeild hotel foyers throughout Octiober and November including: Holiday Inn Royal Victoria, Hilton Sheffield, Kenwood Hall, DoubleTree by Hilton and Jurys Inn, Sheffield.

Sheffield will be artists book heaven during October and November. Go there, enjoy, vote.

If you can’t make it I’ll be visiting and taking a load of photos for a blog review so you won’t miss everything. Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “4th Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize

  1. Went over to this yesterday and had nosey around. The level of work is astounding and it’s so awesome that you can actually pick the books up! I could have easily spent all day in there. God Created the Sea and Painted it Blue so We Feel Good on it by Michelle Ray was a favourite.

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