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Mail Artifacts #1

I want to share with you some exquisite mail art I have received recently. I hope these images intrigue you, or make you smile. Or better still, wish you got mail like this! This first one is from Nick Sampson a dear friend who has taught me much over the years, both as a lecturer and an artist, but more importantly, as a good person.

sampson----lestaret-2b sampson----lestaret-2c sampson----lestaret-2d sampson----lestaret-2e sampson----lestaret-2f sampson----lestaret-2g
The next one is from Nick again, shortly after returning from his travels around Turkey earlier this year:

sampson----lestaret-3a sampson----lestaret-3b sampson----lestaret-3c sampson----lestaret-3d sampson----lestaret-3e sampson----lestaret-3f sampson----lestaret-3g sampson----lestaret-3h
These three beautiful little non-linear accordion books juxtapose the beauty of Turkish culture with unrest and turmoil of the country past and present. Thank you Nick.

This last one is from Sara Lauwereins in Antwerp and differs from a lot of mail art that I receive:
Sara-Lauwereins---lestaret-1aSara-Lauwereins---lestaret-1b Sara-Lauwereins---lestaret-1e  Sara-Lauwereins---lestaret-1c Sara-Lauwereins---lestaret-1d
It differs in that it is hand-drawn – not scanned and printed – this is it. Just beautiful. Many thanks Sara!

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it; I get the best mail in my street, bar none! There is more to follow…

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