A Kick In The Eye

It was way back in February 2012 when I received an email from Tim Gaze (the publisher of Asemic Magazine, a publication dedicated to the presentation of asemic writing) inviting me to participate in an international collaborative asemic project. The only information given was that it was to be a “collaborative abstract visual novel, with no recognisable pictures & no legible words on any page.” That the intention was that 12 individuals would submit 12 pages, and we were all free to sample, edit and respond to each others images as they were submitted.

I said yes of course.

18 months later, after much work by fellow asemic artists across the globe, a goodly amount of editorial decision making and a not inconsiderable amount of design/layout/preparation, this week our baby is born – “A Kick In The Eye”

Digital Camera

A KICK IN THE EYE spread 1A KICK IN THE EYE spread 2

My fellow collaborators, along with Tim Gaze (Australia), are: Orchid Tierney (New Zealand), Rosaire Appel (USA), Tony Burhouse (UK), Marco Giovenale (Italy), Gareth A Hopkins (UK), Satu Kaikkonen (Finland), Gary J Shipley (UK), Lin Tarczynski (USA), Sergio Uzal (Argentina) and Nico Vassilakis (USA)
A KICK IN THE EYE spread 3
At this point I would like to point out that the cover image was submitted by Gary J. Shipley as one of his 12 images. For me, this was the cover right from the start, although I did explore a few others. This one needed no clever graphics but gave the cover a chance to communicate something vague, possibly recognisable, but somehow elusive. which lent itself to visually voice what we had created between the covers. Great image Gary; I wish I’d done it.

© Gary J Shipley

A KICK IN THE EYE spread 4  A KICK IN THE EYE spread 5A KICK IN THE EYE spread 6
As you can see from these few spreads, there is a wide variety of creative approaches, resulting in an eclectic, but coherent volume of stimulating imagery that is ready for individual interpretation.

This unique and exciting book comes in at an impressive 150 pages and is in US Letter format (8.5 by 11 inches/215.9 mm x 279.4 mm – a bit shorter but wider than A4) and available through Amazon at an incredibly low price.

Go there now and buy one for yourself. Whilst you’re there, buy another for someone you love too. Leave a review if you feel that way inclined.

Thankyou. And thanks to Tim and all my fellow collaborators too.


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