mail art

Mail Artifacts #2

I promised more mail art, and I always keep a promise. The first two I’m posting here come from the USA, with this first one from New Jersey. Claire Dinsmore has sent me some wonderful packages in the past, but this one one takes the prize for being the biggest! I even photographed it before it was opened!

Inside was a smaller package and several washi-taped  envelopes:

The smaller package contained a wooden box with a rubber stamp of an intricate anatomical heart:


Inside  the box were three corked glass bottles set into a card structure to hold them in place:

Each bottle contained a small strip of paper with text to provoke some thought:

The contents of the envelopes I will reveal another time, but they did contain some additional ‘thoughts’ to allow for some changes in the future! Thanks Claire, this is simply stunning.

The next piece was sent from Alabama by Stephanie Blake. The image below shows both font and back sides.
It is about the size of a regular postcard, but is actually a clear plastic wallet giving a tantalizing glimpse of what lies inside. Unfortunately. I cannot bring myself to open it just yet – it is still on my desk in front of me right now as I type this, teasing me. I will open it eventually, honest.
This last one’s from Vizma Bruns in Australia. It came in a long thin envelope, but was actually a tiny pocket gallery!

visma-bruns---lestaret-3c visma-bruns---lestaret-3d visma-bruns---lestaret-3f

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it; I get the best mail in my street, bar none!


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