Off The Beaten Track

Whilst visiting Sheffield for the Book Arts exhibition in October, I found myself (in the very good company of fellow blogger, the Unsubscriber) wandering the back streets of the arse-end of town, once a thriving industrial area, now in what appears to be a permanent state of neglect and regeneration (like many northern towns,)  with a camera and a little time to fill…

They just don’t make signs like this anymore – and so beautiful in their decay.

Adjoining this building was another huge brick building with some traditional painted sign writing on the loading bay door:

Above was a plastic and neon version that wouldn’t look out of place at the seaside! And see that scaffold-like structure on the right of the picture?

A huge wood and neon rooftop sign with ‘floating’ letters! I remember being able to see this lit up in red – from right across town in Arbourthorne! By ‘eck, memories!


Sadly, Woollens has moved to a new site and the building now stands derelict. On the wall was a letterbox – always worth a peep! (An old guy came wandering past and was very suspicious about us – a bloke taking a photo of another bloke peeping through the letterbox of a derelict building! I half  expected the police to come by!)

And what was  to be seen beyond – further signs (pardon the pun!) of decay with luxuriant foliage reclaiming the interior spaces…

Around the corner were more derelict business premises, again this wall mounted letterbox.

We also came face on to this gable end with decorative stone/plaster frame – completely empty! I think we need to run a competition here…

Yeah! Keep off! Even the walls are dangerous up north!

No post on the city would be complete without its ghost sign – advertising a razor blade  called the Gleaner!

Back into the Cathedral Quarter, we came across this letter carved Hebrew script on what once must have been a synagog.

Lestaret-Sheffield-13-14 Lestaret-Sheffield-13-15
I was enjoying the old part of town, wandering down back streets and side alleys, some of which looked rather Dickensian in an agoraphobic architectural way. There were also surprises like this cream glazed brick wall…


And an old gas lamp at a very jaunty angle!

We had originally gone to see an exhibition of new work by Sheffield Artist foster-m at the Snig Hill Gallery – a great small gallery that was unfortunately closed that day! I was going to post a bit about the exhibition but I doubt I would do better than this.  (The exhibition has now ended.)

Many thanks to the Unsubscriber for great company, good beer and a cracking curry!


2 thoughts on “Off The Beaten Track

  1. Great shots Mr Lestaret – particularly that dodgy looking half geezer in the green jerkin. It was indeed a great trip out although those walls didn’t seem particularly dangerous to me. Looking forward to the beer, curry and a damn good stink-palm again soon.

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