Big Society

Some of you may have already noticed, but this post is generally an announcement to let everyone know that I am now selling a range of merchandise via those lovely folks over at Society6:

Some of these may be familiar – a number of images  have previously featured on this blog, along with some new stuff and a few revisited older designs, all lovingly reformatted especially for sale here!

Each design is available in a range of different formats, from framed art prints, stretched canvas prints, greetings cards, tees, vests and hoodies and even a babygrow! There’s also bags, mugs and pillows, as well as covers and skins for iPhones/pods/pads and laptops! Blimey!

These are all priced in dollars as they are obviously a US based operation, but conversions to any monetary format can be easily calculated via the multitude of converters on the interweb, and they ship worldwide too at very reasonable prices (but look out as they do have free shipping offers fairly regularly!)


You can go there now by clicking the Society6 logo at the top of this post, and there is another link in the shop section of this blog. But what about ‘The Department of Something Else’ I hear you cry – but do not shed any tears! My Folksy shop will be open again later this year, stocked with all manner of hand-made/printed lovelies!


2 thoughts on “Big Society

  1. Just had a look in the shop. I really like the items you are selling.
    I spotted the damn sticker and it made me smile!
    Many many years ago (back in the 80’s actually) I thought it would be a great bit of fun (well I thought so at the time!) to get 1000 stickers printed and put them in public places. The stickers simply said “This sticker is removable”. The joke being that they were nearly impossible to get remove! Some stayed up in their tatty, torn and half removed state for years. I’m not sure now it was such a great joke but we live and learn!
    I think I took the idea from record sleeves which very often had a sticker which read the same but actually pulled half the record cover away when you tried to remove them.
    The joy of records and record shops is for another time…. The stickers were definitely not part of that joy!

  2. I like the idea that one or two of your stickers may still remain somewhere…

    Those damn stickers affected the whole record buying experience for many of us. As a designer, it always rankled that stickers were placed randomly (and often deliberately) on the front and back covers. And yes, I never found one of them removable without causing irreversible damage. Not something experienced a lot in these modern times, what with all the downloading – a bit difficult to put a sticker on a digital cover thumbnail!

    Glad you got the link – now go buy the tee shirt!

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