music monday


Late last year I needed to sort out the loft. Ours is a loft like many others, seldom thought of until one is forced into a situation where something needs to pass out from your everyday life…

LESTARET attic cartoon
Once  deposited out of sight beyond the little hatch in the ceiling at the top of the stairs, they simultaneously began to drift out of our conciousness and gain the status of “all the memories we’ve saved in the attic.”

So eventually, the day comes when the boxes of various stuff stored over the years all have to get reluctantly heaved back downstairs. These items were once deemed too precious to discard and were subsequently saved the ignominy of joining many of their fellows at the dump. Their day of reckoning had arrived.

There were some wonderful collections of things saved from our wedding, the birth of the children and the various stages of their lives – the kind that most parents tend to hang onto. There were a few old relics from my youth too – my old leather jacket for instance, complete with pins, studs and badges and one or two unmentionable things in the pockets!

There were a couple of other things of interest from back in the day but I’ll share them with you another time, as well as some images of what is painted on the reverse of this jacket!

But mostly it was just crap. I have struggled to think of a single reason why I might want to hang on to the instruction leaflet for a VCR (but not the VCR!) or a necktie with a clearly visible but unidentifiable stain, and the majority of all these were now doomed to the same fate of all the other crap I owned when I decided to preserve these particular things in the first place.

Most importantly, the records came down stairs again and although they have yet to regain their rightful place in the furnishings of my home, they are now within easy access. I aim to indulge myself in the visual pleasures of my old vinyl collection (as the turntable went to the dump a long time ago) and share them occasionally in a new section called “Sleeve Sunday”

Stay tuned, pop-pickers!



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