Sleevage Sunday! #2

A couple of 7″ pleasures this time! I have always had a soft spot for The Damned, and owned a lot of their records at one time. I don’t seem to have them all anymore, but I do have a bunch of singles and and an album or two. These are a couple of good places to start…


They were always a bit vaudeville by comparison the more politicised punk banks of the time, but I enjoyed their musical ambitions and good humour. They were often a great live band too – I saw them about half a dozen times – but not always; they were often shambolic affairs that resulted in gigs getting stopped or the band falling out with each other and leaving the stage!


The Damned were known as the first British punk band to release a single and have been through multiple line-ups and phases over the years. This was released in 1979 – I probably bought it a year or so later, and this for me, represents them at their best.LESTARET-D-LS-4

This one is a couple of years later than the last and has a slightly different line up. Picture disc!

cassetteSleevage Sunday is where I share selections from my old but recently rediscovered vinyl collection. Music has always been an important part of my life, but so was the packaging. In my formative years I would carefully study every inch of the cover, read every sleevenote, credit and publishing blurb so that the visual qualities of these records became intrinsically linked with the music, so that even now when I hear an old song I also get the imagery too! Alas, much of this will fall upon younger heads whose only visual link with their music is the tiny thumbnail on their iPod…

I am not judging any of these covers – some are great, some are really bad, and others just are. These are simply the images of my youth.


4 thoughts on “Sleevage Sunday! #2

  1. I remember Love Song came with four different picture sleeves each featuring a different member of the band on the front cover. I had one with Captain Sensible! I also had their first single which featured a really fast version of Help on the b side (originally by the Beatles). I think the Beatles version lasted about 2.5 minutes and the Damned managed to thrash it out in 1.5 minutes!!! Joyful stuff indeed. There was also a rare version of their first album which featured a photograph of Eddie and The Hotrods on the back. I think 1000 were issued as a publicity stunt although they originally just said it was a printers error! I never really went for the picture discs but ahhhh – coloured vinyl…! The Piranhas even wrote a song about it called Coloured Music…. “the music is crappy but the colours are snappy…” Listen to it here: Best wishes 😉

  2. Glad this brought back memories! I remember the four covers now – I had completely forgotten about that! I also had a copy of Neat Neat Neat with the Beatles cover on the b-side at one time, but haven’t seen it yet. Hopefully it’ll turn up. I think this is the only picture disc I have but I do have a fair few coloured discs. I always liked the pretty colours…

    Did you ever notice the engineers messages between the lead out grooves – The Damned always had cool ones. Impossible to photograph though! I’ll keep trying…

  3. Yes I loved all the messages in the run out grooves. The small indie labels generally had interesting messages while the best you might get from a larger label was a “Porky prime cut” and a catalogue number! Factory Records were generally my favourites. Having said that, checking the run out grooves for messages and in jokes was one of the pleasures of buying records.
    I also used to have a couple of records with double grooves. The record appeared to have one track on one side but actually had two tracks/grooves cut side by side. Depending where the needle picked up you would get one of the two tracks and there was no way of determining which you’d get!
    On the coloured vinyl front I had a glow in the dark copy of the first Penetration album!!! and an orange coloured triangular John Cooper Clark single! Great stuff… 🙂

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