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Mail Art Gallery

The postie has delivered some mail art goodness these past few months! This first one’s a piece called “Flintstones 2” by XX Jones from Vienna:

xx-jones---lestaret-2a xx-jones---lestaret-2b xx-jones---lestaret-2c xx-jones---lestaret-2d
And from my friend Nick across town I had to go and pay some additional charges – its funny how the post office that it was sent from deemed that the postage was sufficient but the office it was distributed to thought it too big (to the tune of nine whole English pence! – plus a pound for their trouble!) A small price to pay though for the extremely informative guide on how to do the Lambeth Walk via the pubs in Lambeth:

sampson----lestaret-5a sampson----lestaret-5b sampson----lestaret-5c sampson----lestaret-5d sampson----lestaret-5g sampson----lestaret-5e sampson----lestaret-5f
A postcard this time from Cascadia Artpost in Washington, USA:

cascadia-artpost---lestaret-1a cascadia-artpost---lestaret-1b
From Richard Baudet in Marseilles, France, on an extravagant watercolour and calligraphy envelope, this stamp presentation:

richard-baudet---lestaret-1b richard-baudet---lestaret-1c richard-baudet---lestaret-1d
A transparent envelope from Moan Lisa in Des Moines, Iowa contained a photograph of a strange little creature:

samantha-alpert---lestaret-1a samantha-alpert---lestaret-1b
And yesterday, I received another fine artifact from Nick, this time a Japanese stab-bound book featuring images he shot recently whilst in Japan:

sampson----lestaret-4a sampson----lestaret-4b sampson----lestaret-4c sampson----lestaret-4d sampson----lestaret-4j sampson----lestaret-4f sampson----lestaret-4e sampson----lestaret-4g sampson----lestaret-4h sampson----lestaret-4i
Thank you all for making my post a lot lovelier. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I get the best mail in my street…

PS I have been sending out my own mail art too, but I am saving those for another day…


10 thoughts on “Mail Art Gallery

  1. Well spotted Mr. Cafe, but this was an earlier Victorian line up with a couple of urchins. They were traded with Rico, who offered them a splendid trombone solo in exchange. And lo, Message To You Rudy was born unto the world. God bless us, everyone.

  2. I thought I was the one getting the best post but you have me beat hands down Mr Lestaret. Some beautiful images here, I spotted The Specials too but Mr Cafe beat me to the punch – God bless Rico! Great post as ever.

    1. Thanks Petru, I thought you’d like this. I bet my smile was broader though… When I hear the letterbox I always think it’s something interesting. Most of the time it isn’t, but when it is, it’s so worth it!

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