Somewhere In Norfolk…

soddenham--colour-logoI’ve not been blogging much recently, well, not here anyway. I have been helping some friends to get online though and thought I’d give them a little publicity here to get things going. Soddenham is a little village in the heart of Norfolk, with plenty of unique charm, friendly people and an interesting history. This website aims to introduce all the different aspects of the village – business, leisure and culture – with plenty of history, maps and stories. There will be regular posts on different aspects of life, including reports on events and gatherings (including the village sport of cricketball!) as well as memoirs and folklore!

Click on the postcard above to be whisked away to somewhere in Norfolk… it’s not where you expected to be…



4 thoughts on “Somewhere In Norfolk…

  1. ‘The Witches Teat’ pub. When I was a child my mother always said of the cold weather ” It’s as cold as a witches teat out there!”. Interesting site.

    – sonmicloud.

  2. A most intriguing place by the sound of it Mr Lestaret, I’ll definitely be tuning in to catch the comings and goings down in Soddenham.

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