Sleevage Sunday! #7


Rudimentary Peni were always a bit unclassifiable; they were definitely punks and very much part of the Crass Records stable, adopting many of their graphic approaches and the excellent fold out posters (of course) as well as the ‘pay no more than’ on the front cover that characterised the Crass ethic, but they were always blended with a strange surrealism that often seemed out of keeping with their more serious, anti-establishment stable-mates.


Their work was always adorned by the super detailed and vaguely disturbing artwork of guitarist/vocalist Nick Blinko, whose lyrics and vocal (style) made his own particular take on the world very real.


With this album came a double sided 6 panel fold out poster – opened size 36 x 24″ For those of you who are not familiar with this scale I have put it into a scale most people will understand!


All records released on the Crass label featured a ‘pay no more than’ price on the cover to prevent retailers charging excessive mark ups – the price reflected the actual costs to make, produce and distribute – this was at a time when chart albums were priced at about £6-7!


Blinko has had a very tortured life with a history of mental health issues and several institutionalised spells, but he has continued his creative output with more music, books and artworks. More can be found here, here and here. I’ll post some more next week!

cassetteSleevage Sunday is where I share selections from my old but recently rediscovered vinyl collection. Music has always been an important part of my life, but so was the packaging. In my formative years I would carefully study every inch of the cover, read every sleevenote, credit and publishing blurb so that the visual qualities of these records became intrinsically linked with the music, so that even now when I hear an old song I also get the imagery too! Alas, much of this will fall upon younger heads whose only visual link with their music is the tiny thumbnail on their iPod…

I am not judging any of these covers – some are great, some are really bad, and others just are. These are simply the images of my youth.

3 thoughts on “Sleevage Sunday! #7

  1. Excellent article as ever mr Lestaret, I do love me a little Peni from time to time. The artwork on this LP is suitably amazing, particularly the six panel fold out. Nick Blinko was indeed a truly talented chap.

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