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A New Book

My friend Nick and I have recently embarked upon a little book arts project. The idea is that in the coming weeks each of us will supply the other a single sentence  from a book of our own choice. The name of the book, and author are not to be revealed at this point. We then have to respond to that sentence in any way we see fit, in some sort of booky format with the only consideration being that the book is 10 x 10cm square. That’s it. Then we’ll do it again with a new sentence. Good, eh?

Having exchanged our first sentences a while ago I have been playing with ideas and decided that I want my pages to be separate/removable from the book so that they can be handled more readily. This would mean I would need to used some sort of folded pocket or sleeve format so I began to play around with some craps of paper and card to see what came about.


I toyed with a simple accordion fold with tabs and flaps and so forth, as well as making some pockets like this double one:


I then made up a slim blizzard fold and cut some coloured card to fit:


This worked well, but I wanted to do something a little different to what I had done before. The following day I was sketching out some ideas and got this.


Its not a unique idea – I quickly realised that this was the basis for the flag book:


but just using one side of each fold to secure a pocket that each page will protrude from…


so out came some more card…


So far I have only included ideas on format – I will focus on the creative response another time. But format decided on and measurements taken, it was time to get on with making the actual book. Well, books actually, because as well as Nicks book  (the important one, obviously!) I always make a copy for my own archive and another one or two to send to appreciative respondents, but really, I make several copies just in case I make any fatal mistakes!

So now onto the production stage without commentary…


So what’s this all about then? My sentence was:

“Someone described it as the sensation of being watched, another as if the pages of one’s mind were stuck together – that there was another, very different image beneath what was visible that one couldn’t reach and, although the thumbnail of one’s mind picked repeatedly at the sides of a thin page, it never separated.”

And this was my response:


I will post what Nick made in response to my sentence next…



9 thoughts on “A New Book

  1. Glorious! The coloured papaer ones are wonderful, then you go one better with the grey waves PLUS the tracing paper overlays. Surely some award is waiting for you…

    1. Thank you sir, thank you very much! for the record though, there are no tracing paper overlays, the pages were all solid paper, ephemera and fabric, assembled and then fused with wax.They feel good too.

      1. Wow. Waxy paper. Even better.
        Jasper Johns would like it.

        I’ve been reading about oilskin, material with boiling linseed added… Sounds a boit dangerous.

  2. Marvellous. Really, I love this idea so much. I had a similar idea not long ago, nothing like as carefully crafted and clever as this mind, but the initial premise was the same. You’ve made it a work of art. 😀

    – sonmicloud.

  3. Well done Mr Lestaret, it is indeed a beautifully executed little book and very tactile. I can’t put mine down.

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