For Pin Money


A little impulse buy recently- two tiny tin boxes with typographic markings. this one measures just 46 x 32 x 13mm as was empty…

LESTARET-pin-box-2 LESTARET-pin-box-3

This one was a little larger at 64 x42 x 15mm and contained needles, not drawing pins…


and a tiny little envelope too…


A little basic internet research came up with the following (via rootsweb.ancestry.com)

Name: Solomon SHRIMPTON, Sex: Male, Birth: 25 April 1784 in Long Crendon, Bucks., England
Occupation: Needle Maker, employing 11 men (1851)

This advertisement appeared in the Illustrated London News dated Saturday, February 2, 1856,
and subsequent editions, read as follows:


“Lieut.-Col. Phipps has received the commands of His Royal Highness the Prince Albert to thank Messrs. Shrimpton and Hooper for the very curious specimens of the perfection to which has been brought the art of making the eyes of needles.- Buckingham Palace, July 18, 1851.”

On the 5th May, 1854, Messrs Shrimpton and Hooper obtained an Injunction from his Honour the Master of the Rolls against a Manufacturer at Redditch for imitating the Labels of their highly-approved Needles.

None but First-class Goods made by SHRIMPTON and HOOPER.

Established more than a Century.

Albion Works, Studley; and 12, King’s square, London.

I do hope it was sufficiently kitted out with multitudinous typefaces, swashes and swirls.

What makes this great is its size – it is an envelope folded down to just 33 x 22mm!



7 thoughts on “For Pin Money

  1. A brilliant find, I’d have picked it up as well. Having some thing inside makes for extra treasure. ‘Grooveless Egg Eyed’ how marvellous is that?!


    1. Usually, I’d settle for just grooveless, but I couldn’t turn down grooveless AND egg eyed! Its miniature size makes it all the better, too. Thanks for the re-blog!

  2. Treasure indeed. The envelope as well as the tin is a very pleasing design with plenty of intricacy for how small it is. Care must clearly be taken if handling the needles but that doesn’t reduce the cool factor involved of the miniature find. Very cool.


    1. Thanks. I love it and have it propped up on my desk where I can see it regularly. It’s amazing to think that something this small was given so much attention, and even more amazing to think that it has survived too!

  3. Hi there..
    I have two of the little paper packets with the needles still in that belonged to my great Grandma!
    Mine are no7 & no8!
    This is the first place I have ever really seen them mentioned on the Internet.

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