Sleevage Sunday! #12


I had to buy a second copy of this album. I played the first copy so much and did not take care of it that it got scratched and worn on both sides. That’s how much this got played.


The Mob hailed from the South West and this was their only album. It was hugely different from most of their stable mates – were affiliated with the Crass label – inasmuch as they were more melodic, thoughtful and introspective about society, politics and themselves, and promoted an independent, commune style existence. They were angry, but not violent or confrontational about it.

LESTARET-mob-tribe-3 LESTARET-mob-tribe-4 LESTARET-mob-tribe-5

My first sentence was not entirely true. I have actually bought three copies of this album, having purchased a CD re-release a couple of years ago. This has all the singles and a couple of demos added too and largely retains the the cover artwork  except for some typographic details:


One thing missing from the original sleeve is this line from the bottom of the back cover:


I paid more than £3.50 for the CD…

The Mob reformed a couple of years ago and have resumed gigging and recording. Find out more here, here and here

cassetteSleevage Sunday is where I share selections from my old but recently rediscovered vinyl collection. Music has always been an important part of my life, but so was the packaging. In my formative years I would carefully study every inch of the cover, read every sleevenote, credit and publishing blurb so that the visual qualities of these records became intrinsically linked with the music, so that even now when I hear an old song I also get the imagery too! Alas, much of this will fall upon younger heads whose only visual link with their music is the tiny thumbnail on their iPod…

I am not judging any of these covers – some are great, some are really bad, and others just are. These are simply the images of my youth.


2 thoughts on “Sleevage Sunday! #12

  1. Another great piece Mr Lestaret. I once had an LP bearing the legend “Pay no more than £2.50 but rip it off if you can”. Different times eh?

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