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For those who have just stumbled upon this blog, my friend Nick and I have been challenging each other to creatively respond to a single sentence that the other submits (the sentences are taken from any source) in the form of a 10x10cm ‘booky’ type format.  I was a bit naughty this time. For this one, I gave him the sentence “No words were needed.”
Nick, as ever, excelled himself with this mammoth 19 panel concertina…
The only way to show this is at full size so I created a composite of its entirety this time – click the image below and fiddle with the magnification as it may shrink it to fit on screen. Remember that each panel measures 10x10cm.
This is a beautifully cinematic sequence of how the morning light appears and moves across a room in his house. Side scrolling the image really enhances the effect!
Simple and elegant.

And my response to Nicks given sentence was a result of several mid-stage redesigns! I had originally intended this one to be constructed and bound differently, but I was thwarted by technical issues at each stage. I am still happy with the idea, but rather frustrated by how difficult it was to arrive at this seemingly simple result.

These are all examples of manuscripts by respected writers, on waxed paper set into card windows, a bit like slides.


5 thoughts on “More Booky Delights

  1. Nick’s book is just stunning, I see what you meant when you were trying to explain it to me at the weekend. Mind you, your effort is stunning too as ever Mr Lestaret, I’ve spent quite a bit of time with my copy and it’s a gorgeous, uniquely tactile and very fragile object. I’m loving this exchange between Nick and your good self, can’t wait to see where it goes next.

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