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The Latest Book Installment

For this next book exchange (our sixth!) I came up with this little book/box of booklets in response to the sentence I was supplied:

Each booklet contains a fragment of a famous code, a non-deciphered language, complex equations, petroglyph’s and various arcana. The covers are printed with segments of the Phaistos Disc, a mysterious circular clay tablet containing symbols unlike any other written forms.

Each booklet measures just 47 x 40 mm!

Again, Nick responded to my sentence in his inimitable way, with a sober hard case cover withholding its glorious contents…

At this point, I would like to say that I think Nick is deliberately designing these books to test my photographic skills! Each one has become more difficult to capture than the last! But also this is a perfect time to zoom in and appreciate the unique monoprint texture:

I wish I could describe the smell too. This print technique also gives a slight waxy feel to the paper too, and because of the time of year the ink has been very slow to dry, and if not handled carefully, will transfer to the fingers…

After delicately opening back alternate triangles, intense flashes of colour appear:

Lets go back and have a look at the textures again:
Thanks Nick! I’m struggling a bit with the next one, but I will not give up as easily as Microsoft Word!


6 thoughts on “The Latest Book Installment

  1. It’s beautiful stuff. I imagine you both in your eighties, with a wonderful collection of art in this form, that will make some kind of stunning exhibition. *smiles*

    – sonmi upon the Cloud

  2. That’s a fine image – two old codgers sipping brandy in high wing-backed chairs in a gentlemens parlour in front of a roaring fire, surrounded by exquisitely carved oak cabinets with glass fronts, crammed with a lifetime of artists books, preparing for another challenge… Oh yes.

  3. I can certainly attest to the immaculately detailed beauty of your effort Mr Lestaret, it is a wonderfully crafted collection of miniature masterpieces housed in a larger book which hides its cargo so very completely. Nick’s effort also looks incredibly intriguing, I want to feel the texture of ink on paper when I see photographs like this. You’re both clearly very talented chaps, keep up the splendid work.

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