Cytology of Cyanophyceæ 1933-1937

I love titling blog posts, especially like this one. It makes me feel big and clever, even though I only know what this is because I looked it up on the internet. I bet you were intrigued too, maybe thinking that old Lestaret had come over all scientific. Nahh, but just look at this beauty:

Seemingly a hardback textbook or research journal, with gold tooling and marbled edges, this give the impression of a serious academic tome. But on opening the cover, that all changes:

It’s actually a collection of old slides – for viewing under a microscope, beautifully packaged and neatly catalogued inside the cover by one Dr. J.K.Spearing:

As you would imagine, each slide is assiduously labelled in a tiny hand:

Mmm. Nice. Very nice.

Many thanks to Nick for letting me feature them here. (Some these have already appeared on this blog before in the shape a an excellent artists book by Nick)


6 thoughts on “Cytology of Cyanophyceæ 1933-1937

  1. I thought you’d ingested a dictionary for a moment there old chap! Great find, this looks absolutely fascinating and I bet it has the slightly musty, stale chemicaly odour of a boarding school science class. Fantastic stuff, thanks for sharing your cyanophyceæ with us all Mr Lestaret.

  2. Given the title of the original ‘book’, I can’t help wondering if the case was a commercial item rather than homemade. If homemade, kudos to Dr. Spearing for using a book entitled “Microscopica Preparations”. A lovely object either way. : ]

  3. It certainly looks commercially produced to me too. I believe that this belonged to Nick’s father-in-law who I assume was Dr Spearing. It is beautiful nonetheless.

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