Christmas Games

I recently received a lovely parcel through the post, all wrapped up in brown paper and traditionally tied up with string. My postie was a bit jealous! Inside were two boxes of vintage games and a message from my old friend and colleague Hilary that read “I came across these the other day and decided they had your name on them!”
This first one dates back to the 1920’s and consists of two sets of screen-printed cards:
The red ones contain two impertinent questions and the purple cards have two answers. The players should be split into two groups where everyone is dealt a card each – questions on one side, answers on the other. Then much mirth ensues as each player asks their question to someone on the opposite team who must respond with the answer upon their card, thus:

“Do you open your mouth too wide?”
“Yes – kiss me quickly”

Some of the questions were quite surprising too! Such impertinence!

The second box was much bigger with some wonderful foil blocking:
I cannot find any manufacturers marks anywhere, but a swift internet search revealed that there were a number of variant of the game being produced in the UK and USA during the 1920’s, but was based upon an older Victorian parlour game.

The rules of several games are printed inside the lid, but the box was packed full of little cardboard squares with letters on them. It looks as if the game has been rarely played too – these are crisp edged and clean – one would imaging cardboad becoming greasy and discoloured, bent and round cornered if it was often used.

When I tipped them out to examine them more closely, look what happened!

These are really cool. All I can say is…


8 thoughts on “Christmas Games

  1. Excellent gifts there Mr Lestaret, Impertinent Questions looks instantly fun. I spotted one card bearing the question “Are you one of those?”, tut tut, how terribly impertinent! I love the way the letters fell out of the word game box too… a bit spooky that. I’m sure you and the family will get stuck into these games over the coming weeks.

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