Another gem from Nicks stash of visual delights! I don’t know too much about these except that they were done by ‘Mrs. Nicks’ great grandfather as a boy! Just pictures this time. Enjoy…
LESTARET-spearing-1 LESTARET-spearing-2 LESTARET-spearing-3 LESTARET-spearing-4 LESTARET-spearing-5 LESTARET-spearing-7 LESTARET-spearing-8 LESTARET-spearing-9 LESTARET-spearing-10 LESTARET-spearing-11 LESTARET-spearing-12 LESTARET-spearing-13 LESTARET-spearing-14 LESTARET-spearing-15 LESTARET-spearing-16 LESTARET-spearing-17 LESTARET-spearing-18 LESTARET-spearing-19 LESTARET-spearing-20 LESTARET-spearing-21


3 thoughts on “Penmanship

  1. Just beautiful, love the gliding letterforms and curlicues, truly a dying art. The textures of the paper look great in these photographs too Mr Lestaret, well done. All the best.

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