Asemically Inspired

Inspired by the intriguing experimental marks by the French author Raymond Queneau I have begun preparing myself for the final book in the Four Fools tetralogy. Pens, brushes and ink at the ready as well as a good supply of coffee and it’s time to limber up…
LESTARET-asemic-6LESTARET-asemic-2 LESTARET-asemic-4I have already made the decision to make the final book entirely hand drawn – no digital compositions or fancy new fonts this time, this last book was to be a bit more of a manuscript, possibly a prequel the first three books. Time will tell, but for now I’ll leave you with these asemic exercises…
LESTARET-asemic-1 LESTARET-asemic-5 LESTARET-asemic-3



3 thoughts on “Asemically Inspired

  1. I particularly like the first one and the second last. There is a fine confidence in all of them, an absolute requirement (I would think) to making asemic writing ‘believable’.

  2. Thank you. I agree that it is confidence that gives it that ‘believability’ – the strokes and gestures need to be deliberate and have some natural fluidity in order to suggest ‘writing.’

  3. Being a huge fan of the first three volumes, I can hardly contain myself at the prospect of this fourth book. The longer passages and individual symbols have definitely whetted my appetite for more of this ‘manuscript’ type of written work as opposed to some of the more digitised fonts which appeared previously, despite loving where you went with them. It has the look of some ancient alchemical script – a combination of writing, code and sigil.

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