Hello. I have not been blogging here so much lately. I have been busy, but not ‘blogging’ busy – you know how it is – you are working on a number of things, but paying jobs come first and personal projects get done in-between everything else, which is never a great situation in which to document stuff to show online.

You’ll just have to trust me, but there are things to come.

Meanwhile, I’ve been overwhelmed with the response to the Raymond Queneau chapbook. This is a new collaboration between myself and general asemic guru Tim Gaze, under the imprint name of Secret Books. Since it went on sale at the beginning of March, half of the edition has already been sold!

secretbooks queneau-1
I am currently making the second batch of this edition of 100 and already have orders waiting. We have had some great comments on Twitter from those who have received theirs, and a great review on an Italian Literary Review website – Google translate does a pretty decent job if you don’t read Italian. Head over to the Secret Books site and take a look – if you are interested in the asemic experiments of one of France’s great literary icons, place your order quickly as they are selling fast.

I have also been busy with my friends over in Soddenham. There always seems to be something going on over there, and they are eager to share their village life with the world at large. You can also get involved – the Soddenham Poetry Festival is calling for poems inspired by Soddenham for a book to commemorate the event. soddenham-poetry-fest

If you have ever been to Soddenham, or perhaps feel like you never left, put pen to paper and celebrate in rhyme!


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