A New Look!

It’s time for a fresh new look here at Lestaret Towers, one that I’m rolling out all over the web, wherever I may have a presence. You’ll notice the swanky new blog theme here to start with; all the navigation and stuff has migrated to a hidden bar over on the left which can now be accessed by clicking on the icon in the top left corner. You’ll find everything that was here before, along with one or two new developments fairly soon.

This has all been inspired by a comprehensive overhaul of my main website ‘’  which now rocks its orange booty with pride at all those hipster-lite, parallax-scrolling, transparent image and cocky geometric typeface wielding websites that are currently flavour of  the month out there in graphic design land.


I have used Lestaret GD for quite a few years now (the GD stands for graphic design if you hadn’t worked it out) and it has been through a number of minor updates during this time.  As the more observant amongst you will have noticed, last year I added an asterisk, to signify that there was more to this than presented. This was all pesented in a distressed print effect in a rather fetching shade of blue, remeniscent of the backing paper used by a dry transfer lettering company whose name I forget.

Now it’s orange. And the asterisk is contextualised by my new tag line *Graphic design and other things by Christopher Skinner which clearly indicates that there is more to this than just graphic design. Hmm.



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