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Xylotheque #2

I got a little carried away and got this far without photographing it in progress! All made from odds and ends; bits of plywood offcuts and discarded Jenga blocks!LESTARET-xylotheque-2
Three sections simply glued together for now, but then subjected to a fair bit of sanding, measuring and drilling…

I decided to secure the sections using cords sewn through the spine. in order to settle everything down I cut grooves for the cords to sit in…LESTARET-xylotheque-5LESTARET-xylotheque-7
And whilst this looks quite elegant, the insides are much less so for now…LESTARET-xylotheque-8 LESTARET-xylotheque-9
Now I just need to think a little more about what I want to do next.


4 thoughts on “Xylotheque #2

    1. Ah, those hazy days languishing beneath the silvery Jenga tree…

      I have not heard of this one, but it is definitely beautiful and very much in the same spirit! Thanks Alan!

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