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Xylotheque #3

This is where I left off last time. I do not have a clear idea of what direction I want to take this in yet, but I am inclined towards distressing it in some way. Also, the Jenga blocks are all round edged and leave these grooves:LESTARET-xylotheque-14
I decided to put some ordinary filler into the grooves, and then had the idea to begin the distressing process at this stage too, so I mixed my filler with black poster paint…LESTARET-xylotheque-15
and slathered it on. Great word, slathered.LESTARET-xylotheque-16 LESTARET-xylotheque-17LESTARET-xylotheque-18
I covered the entire outside surfaces and filled in all the grooves too. Once this is dry I will do a little sanding…


7 thoughts on “Xylotheque #3

  1. Slathered and curiology going into my home made dictionary. If this was me doing the slathering I’d start panicking about the mess and should’ves and ought to have done … and so on

    1. I’ll have to send you an actual curiology Petru – that will give you something to slather about! Email me with your snail mail and I’ll send you something …

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