Nick and Ellen Sampson at the Greyfriars Art Space

Last Saturday was the private view of Nick and Ellen’s exhibition at greyfriars Art Space in King’s Lynn and I can report that it was a huge success!There were many guests over the evening who expressed their preferences and fascinations throughout the exhibition, whilst the exquisite canapés were nibbled and the Pimm’s flowed freely (Thank you Daphne!)  LESTARET-Sampson-ex-2 LESTARET-Sampson-ex-3 LESTARET-Sampson-ex-4
I went back last week to get some good shots of the exhibition whilst it was less crowded…
LESTARET-Sampson-ex-6 LESTARET-Sampson-ex-7 LESTARET-Sampson-ex-8 LESTARET-Sampson-ex-9
LESTARET-Sampson-ex-10 LESTARET-Sampson-ex-11 LESTARET-Sampson-ex-12 LESTARET-Sampson-ex-13 LESTARET-Sampson-ex-14    LESTARET-Sampson-ex-18LESTARET-Sampson-ex-17 LESTARET-Sampson-ex-19


Nicks-Exhibition The exhibition runs until the 8th of August – it is well worth the visit, and if you see Nick (above) say hello – he is usually much smilier than this picture!


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