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Xylotheque #6


Now that the three parts are bound together, my thoughts have turned to keeping it closed. I had toyed with a variety of wooden latches, some simple and others quite elaborate, but never settled upon any of them as ‘the one.’ I think that some other materials might add something that the wooden solutions were lacking.

I decided to fashion a peg and loop closure using leather and a laminated paper block. Having made my measurements I trimmed some thickish black leather I had in my ‘this stuff might be useful one day’ box and measured out my fitting stations on the outer edges. Using a variety of knives and gouges, I carved out two recesses about 5mm deep (apologies for the crap photo!):


I glued together several pages from an old book that I have been recycling for some years and left them under pressure overnight. This stack was the thickness of the leather so that I could slice it and use it to sandwich the leather strip – the image below shows one strip on the top and bottom, and another split to fill in the gaps above and below. Again, this was compressed and left to dry:


Once dry, I set upon it with a scalpel and some sandpaper…


and again, after some final measuring, I glued in the peg and a loop of leather on the other side, just lower than the peg:


Box closed. now for some fun on the outside…


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