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Xylotheque #7

My last comment on this project was ‘now for some fun on the outside’ so I had better make good on this…


I had already thought about adding an inscription to the front and originally was going with an asemic theme, but after thinking about the overall aesthetics of the piece, I decided to go with a runic message. After researching a number of runic forms on the web, I translated a suitable passage, sketched it out in pencil and then roughly carved it out:


The idea was to create a less polished object, something perhaps made during moments of enforced calm like a warrior on route to combat.


In order to pick out the characters further I mixed up some more paint and powder filler to make a sloppy paste:


This was then carefully slathered over each cut and left to dry…

LESTARET-xylotheque-41 LESTARET-xylotheque-42

Next came a vigorous sanding to remove all the surface pigment…


and a good clean with a damp cloth to reveal the now crimson runes…


They have got much lighter now that everything has dried, so I may need to come back to this, but I’m hoping I can restore this level of colour (not too bright and apparently pale with age?) with some waxing later.


Now to go back inside. If you recall the first post about xylotheques, you may have noticed the compartment built into the spine:


That’s my next step…


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