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Beermattery #1


I have spent a little time going through my fathers beermat collection and managed to sort them in to basic categories – beers, lagers, cider, spirits, tobacco etc and thought I would share a few of the drink driving campaigns that are amongst them.


Some of these will be familiar as they featured on national campaigns, but others are regional. These are the ones that are just safety messages – there are lots of other beermats promoting a brewery or drink on one side with a drink driving message on the other.

LESTARET-beermat-3 LESTARET-beermat-4

This next one is is on a similar theme…


This next one is a favourite of mine. It’s funny, but it gets to the point…


This one celebrates 150 years of the South Yorkshire Police, and gives us a snapshot of how our WPC’s were kitted out in the 1970’s – thoughtful to let them have a shiny police handbag!


This last one is a bit weird – I see what they are trying to do here, but I’m unsure whether it was effective or not. Anyway, I’m glad someone is trying!


On a different note, I was surprised to see so many newer mats in the collection – I had no idea that he was still adding them! I am guessing that the earliest mats are from the early 1970’s (possibly earlier – its difficult to put a date on them) and stop about a year or so ago.

There is still much sorting to do. There are lots and lots in the beer and lager categories, both of which can be subdivided in different ways but I haven’t yet decided how best to sort them yet!


One thought on “Beermattery #1

  1. These are great! I don’t know why I love purely commercial graphic design, but it just hits something in me. Maximizing the impact of your message in a limited space within a frame can sometimes create an efficiency that has its own beautiful shapes..

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