Adobe Illustrator, drawing


After the initial stages I sent a comprehensive image of the Moriarty’s Men logo to the men themselves:


They were interested in seeing other fonts for the ‘men’ and asked for much more complex styles, to which I convinced them that a more complex font would be (a) much less legible and (b) would not add anything of value to an already complex design. Nevertheless, I showed them a few alternatives:


They opted for the bottom font, and also asked for the scroll/banner to be roughened up a bit…


So the final design is…


There are several variations for a variety of applications…

lestaret-moriarty-23 lestaret-moriarty-24lestaret-moriarty-29lestaret-moriarty-30

Just as soon as they have everything set up, I’ll post links so you can download their music, buy their ‘merch’ and generally start the next big ‘Beatlemania’ thing. Ok?


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