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Beermattery #3

Further foraging in my fathers beermat collection has produced another collection, this time focussing on just one drink – Babycham, which is remarkably still in business!

LESTARET-beermat-21 LESTARET-beermat-22 LESTARET-beermat-23 LESTARET-beermat-24 LESTARET-beermat-25 LESTARET-beermat-26 LESTARET-beermat-27 LESTARET-beermat-28 LESTARET-beermat-29

There are also a couple of enormous barmats too, like this one that is four times the size of a regular one:


and this one, which is the other side of the one that started off this post, with a regular mat for scale!lestaret-beermats-large-2

More beermattery next time…


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