A selection of projects – click on the thumbnails for a closer look…

CD Packaging
Corporate Identity & Logotypes
Book Arts & Binding
Asemic Art
    asemic-AAA asemic-AAB asemic-AAC
Other Stuff

13 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Just wanted to say You do some very nice work. I got out of school in Sept 2007 with my A.S. Degree in graphic Design and Computer Animation. I like your style.


  2. Hello mary, thanks for your comments and your interest. I do have a Facebook profile but do not use it often – please feel free to add links to this blog though, and encourage your students to add their comments too!


  3. Hello Chris I can’t find any other way of contacting you but hope that you can get this within reasonable time but I have looked at your work for hours now and absolutally love it. You have an amazing talent. Particularly I have admired your print making skills. I myself am a student artist finishing up my GCSE year and going on to do art at A level but I would appreciate talking to you if you could email me back please!! For the course we do artist copies and developments of your style and my owns style but it would be great if I could get some information from you directly about some of your work!
    Thank you

  4. Hi Chris
    I am very interested in the adana press and have been directed to your site, which may I add is great 🙂 please could you advise of any information regarding the press, (where to best get etc) and can you direct me to some of the designs that you have created in this way so I can view what it is capable of.

    Thank you, Tracy

  5. Hiya Chris,
    Only just came across your blog, wish I had seen it before now. Some great stuff on here, look forward to having a read through.

    Best wishes and hope you’re keeping well

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