Retail Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the Lestaret shop

“The Department
 of Something Else”

I am currently working on some new, hand-made goodies
– please be patient.

Meanwhile, a growing range of Lestaret merchandise
including t-shirts, hoodies, vests, bags and mugs,
as well as framed and unframed art prints, canvas prints,
iPad/iPhone/laptop covers and skins, can be purchased at:

My asemic books are still available from those lovely folks at BLURB:
“A Kick In The Eye” a collaborative asemic novel is available via Amazon:lestaret-kick-link

11 thoughts on “Retail Opportunities

  1. Shepherds is probably the best place for specialist bookmaking tools and equipment, but you don’t need to spent lots on this.

    Personally, I use a Swann Morton Scalpel with 10A blades and cutting mat, propelling pencil and various rulers, set-squares and compasses, a bone scorer (essential), a carpenters scratch awl (a bit cheaper than a bodkin!) a set of needles from the Fent Shop in King’s Lynn and plenty of linen thread.

    I’ve since added a few more bits and bobs as I have felt the need, but essentially, that’s it. I’m currently looking around from a nipping press, as I’m currently using some thick wood and a couple of G-clamps! Works perfectly well, but I guess I’m taking things a bit more seriously these days…

    Best of luck, and let me know how you get on.

  2. Do you know of anywhere local where you can buy bookboard from?
    I’ve looked in the obvious places WH Smiths/Past Times but all only seem to have mountboard, which I guess is too ‘soft’.

    1. Not specifically bookboard, but strawboard/greyboard is what I use. For smallish books, this will usually be enough. I am in college tues and thurs if you’d like some.

    1. right in the middle of the market is a stall selling woodtype and copper tops – enjoy the market – you’ll find all sorts there…

  3. I have chinese background so I can answer some of your questions about the chinese seal and chinese books.

    By the way, how did you collect the chinese stuff? I am interested in collecting too.


  4. Can’t figure out how to leave comments on your blog now. Did you change formats? Just wanted to let you know I’m still following and LOVE all that you’re doing. Don’t have anything worthy of your trade (what a fabulous piece of work!!) and think the Awesome work is AWESOME. Happy day, Hollis

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