Ladies and Gentleman of the internet, I am proud to present my second asemic book; “Pabulum”

 This second book continues with the asemic script established in ‘Four Fools,’  but also introduces several new writing systems – some with definite links to the original and others that provide counterpoints to the narrative possibilities in the first book.

This book is not a traditional sequel to ‘Four Fools,’ and it is not necessary to have read the first book before this, but both books are linked by their intrinsic intuitive narrative.

‘Pabulum’ can be purchased here, along with ‘Four Fools.’ You can also click on the links at the foot of this blog, or go to the blurb website and type in ‘asemic’ or ‘lestaret.’

Please let me know what you think…


The Second Coming…

My second asemic book is in the final stages of completion and will be ready very soon. I have been working on this periodically throughout the year and it has taken quite a few different turns along the way. I decided not to blog about this whilst it was in progress as it would have been very fragmented, and I wasn’t sure at times whether it would come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Well, it has, and I am now in the last throes of finalising the pagination and making a few last ‘tweaks’ to ensure the best visual impact. As a little teaser I can let you know that as well as my original asemic typeface, several new writing systems appear in this book, one of which can be seen in the test sampler below:

The first book ‘Four Fools’ went on sale almost a year ago, and has sold remarkably well considering the lack of any real marketing beyond this blog and a feature on The New Post-Literate, so I assume it’s largely from word of mouth. Thankyou to you all. The new book ‘Pabulum’ continues and develops the asemic theme, introducing the new elements throughout, sometimes in very subtle ways and abruptly in others.

Once again, the book will be published through the marvellous Blurb organisation and of course, will be priced to fit the most austere budget…