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We have a Winner!


The ampersand was indeed Rosewood Fill and was correctly identified by Kristie earlier today! Very well done – I must ask you to tell me how you identified it – by skill and an encyclopaedic knowledge of typefaces, or just by running through all the ampersands in your font files? Either way, the prize is yours. I will email you for your mailing details and I pray that you don’t live somewhere too remote…

Thanks to everyone for taking part – I guess this is the way forward eh? Stay tuned for more design stuff, creativity and general typographic fun. If anyone hasn’t seen the other running competition, please see here, and remember that the closing date is 30th May and the prize is a unique handmade sketchbook…

Also, thanks to Jake for submitting the piece to NOTCOT and welovetypography, a special prize will be coming your way for getting me so much extra publicity.


One thought on “We have a Winner!

  1. As soon as I saw your ampersand I thought, “Oh that’s Rosewood Fill.” I just dropped the photo in Illustrator and matched it up with a Rosewood ampersand to be sure. So that either means I have an encyclopedic knowledge of typefaces or I’ve just used Rosewood too much!

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